How to Create Page on Facebook For Business In The Easiest Way

how to create page on Facebook for business

How to create a page on Facebook for business? People will ask these questions when they want to start a business. However, Facebook is a big platform with more than 1.39 billion users around the world. It must be a big chance for business-man to advertise their product. 

how to create page on Facebook for business

Facebook can reach all elements of society. As a result, having a business page on Facebook will make your brand easier to discover. Besides, you can also interact with more people. So, let’s try to make your Facebook Business Page with these steps.

1. Sign Up

Firstly, you should sign in your Facebook account first on the Facebook homepage.  Secondly, go to and click Create a Page button on the screen. There will appear six different types of pages. For example, there available local businesses, brands or products, entertainments, and many more.

However, you should choose the right type of page. Because it can increase your ranking in search engines. After that, write down your trademark. Make sure you spell it right because you can’t change it. Read the Facebook Page terms, choose I agree and click get started.

2. Add Pictures

The next step for how to create page on Facebook for business is adding a picture. Choose your best picture to be your profile photos and header. It is important to make a good first impression on visitors. Above all, make sure your profile and header pictures are align with your brand and can identify easily.

However, you should set your profile picture in a good proportion. Firstly, your profile on your home page will appear in square size but will be cropped as a circle in ads and posts. Just don’t put any detail in the corner of your pictures. Move to a header, choose the image that represents your brand.

3. Add a Short Description

On your page, there available a feature to tell people about your business in short. You only can fill it with less than 155 characters. As a result, you don’t need to give a long explanation of it.

This short description is important to let the visitors know about how your page is. If it is done, click save and it will appear on your page. If you need a longer description, just posted it as a new post and then pin it.

4. Explore and Observe Your New Page

Your new page is available now! You need to explore it for a while to know more about the features. It takes a second to click through the prompts. But, when this is your second page you don’t need it anymore.

Explore your new page will make you know what else should be improved. Build a good conversation with visitors by reply to their comments or messages. Observe how your page activity to decide for next. Above all, you can see many data of your page in tab insight on your page.

In conclusion of how to create page on Facebook for business, you can take many benefits from your page. Don’t forget to post interesting content. Keep an eye on the statistics in the insight tab.