7 Oldest Universities In The World You Might Want To Enroll

oldest universities in the world

Autumn is coming to its end and winter is ready. Thus, the spring is preparing at the next line, ready to welcome the new students. Although most of you might have chosen your school, it’s not wrong to take a look at the oldest universities in the world.

If you happened couldn’t enroll in your bachelor years, then just come for the postgrad. For that reason, here take a look at the list of oldest universities in the world below:

1. Al-Qarawiyyin University, Morocco (859 AD)

The University of Karueein located in Fez, Morocco. Since the establishment day, this university is still operating until today. Founded by Fatima al-Fahri, this university was a madrasa (school) at first and became the leading in spiritual and educational institutions for Muslims. Then, the institution officially incorporated with the modern education system and became a university in 1963.

2. Al-Azhar University, Egypt (970 AD)

Compared to Al-Qarawiyyin, Al-Azhar’s name is more known for most Muslim countries. But, just like Al-Qurawiyyin, this university also started as a madrasa. Al-Azhar suffered many ups and downs with Egypt’s political instability. Among all of them, the worst thing that happened was around the 12th century when the new dynasty destroyed more than 100 thousand texts.

3. University of Bologna, Italy (1088 AD)

When someone asked what the oldest university in Europe, then the answer is the University of Bologna. From it opened in 1088, this university never out of operation under any circumstance. At first, this university only focused on doctoral degrees. But now, it also taught lower levels as well.

4. University of Oxford, England (1096 AD)

Another famous university that still running until today. The University of Oxford located in Oxford, England. Most of English peers who graduated attended this university out of tradition since the medieval years. Also, among the others, the University of Oxford runs the largest press university around the world.

5. University of Salamanca, Spain (1134 AD)

This university made it into history because here was the place where Christopher Colombus tried to obtain the royal support for his expedition to Indies. Although founded in 1134, the University of Salamanca only got the Royal Carter in 1218. Because of the University of Palencia defunct, now this university became the oldest running university in Spain.

6. Sorbonne University, France (1160 AD)

The University of Paris or mostly known as Sorbonne University is the next in this list. Different from the previously mentioned, Sorbonne happened to close down during the France revolution from 1793 until 1896. Even though it closed for one century, it opened again and continued to house various autonomous institutions. It noted Sorbonne has 13 of them.

7. University of Cambridge, England (1209 AD)

Another one from England on this list is the University of Cambridge. This university established because of some political conflict and some scholars left the University of Oxford. Thus, they created an institution to rival their old school. Up until today, Oxford and Cambridge kept this rivalry alive and striving – in a healthy way.

Those are the oldest universities in the world that you might want to enroll. But, since the universities mentioned held traditions as prestigious institutions, make sure to prepare with your utmost seriousness.