How to Create Page on Facebook For Business In The Easiest Way

How to create a page on Facebook for business? People will ask these questions when they want to start a business. However, Facebook is a big platform with more than 1.39 billion users around the world. It must be a big chance for business-man to advertise their product. 

how to create page on Facebook for business

Facebook can reach all elements of society. As a result, having a business page on Facebook will make your brand easier to discover. Besides, you can also interact with more people. So, let’s try to make your Facebook Business Page with these steps.

1. Sign Up

Firstly, you should sign in your Facebook account first on the Facebook homepage.  Secondly, go to and click Create a Page button on the screen. There will appear six different types of pages. For example, there available local businesses, brands or products, entertainments, and many more.

However, you should choose the right type of page. Because it can increase your ranking in search engines. After that, write down your trademark. Make sure you spell it right because you can’t change it. Read the Facebook Page terms, choose I agree and click get started.

2. Add Pictures

The next step for how to create page on Facebook for business is adding a picture. Choose your best picture to be your profile photos and header. It is important to make a good first impression on visitors. Above all, make sure your profile and header pictures are align with your brand and can identify easily.

However, you should set your profile picture in a good proportion. Firstly, your profile on your home page will appear in square size but will be cropped as a circle in ads and posts. Just don’t put any detail in the corner of your pictures. Move to a header, choose the image that represents your brand.

3. Add a Short Description

On your page, there available a feature to tell people about your business in short. You only can fill it with less than 155 characters. As a result, you don’t need to give a long explanation of it.

This short description is important to let the visitors know about how your page is. If it is done, click save and it will appear on your page. If you need a longer description, just posted it as a new post and then pin it.

4. Explore and Observe Your New Page

Your new page is available now! You need to explore it for a while to know more about the features. It takes a second to click through the prompts. But, when this is your second page you don’t need it anymore.

Explore your new page will make you know what else should be improved. Build a good conversation with visitors by reply to their comments or messages. Observe how your page activity to decide for next. Above all, you can see many data of your page in tab insight on your page.

In conclusion of how to create page on Facebook for business, you can take many benefits from your page. Don’t forget to post interesting content. Keep an eye on the statistics in the insight tab. 


Fashion Movie You Might Want to Check On Netflix in 2019

Fashion Movie You Might Want to Check

If you are the fashion people, you feel a different sensation every time watching a movie. You don’t just pay attention to the storyline, but also the fashion inside. Moreover, when you see a fashion movie. This movie sometimes tells the historical background of fashion designers or how one brand gets famous now. Since Netflix becomes loved by many people, we have selected several movies for you. See the list below about the fashion movie you might want to check during 2019.

The movies below are various. It could be documentary, comedy, romantic, and others. But for sure, you will fall in love with the jewelry, apparel, until the way of fashion people’s mindset. That one is more important than just blinked by the brand. Because behind the mindset there is wisdom to be learned. Here is the list of fashion movie you might want to check on Netflix this year:

1. Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer

It is a 2015 fashion movie directed by Vlad Yudin. It was released at the same time launched on Netflix. The movie tells about the famous fashion designer, Jeremy Scott. Also, by watching the movie we can know every event that let him into success. You can see all celebrities who influenced by James Scott fashion too, for example, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and many more.

2. Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards

Two years later after launching Jeremy Scott, Netflix gave its audience another fashion movie. It was the movie about Manolo Blahnik, a legendary shoemaker. It is a documentary film too, but more detail about the events and his process.

3. Supermodel

Perhaps you already heard many issues in the fashion world. Especially when you are a model who is famous. This movie shows you what the backstabbing, competition, and schemes, feels so real. The storyline focuses on the young girl who transforms into fashion people. When she arrives at a high point, she feels that not all things around her are right.

4. The True Cost

This movie is another documentary film. But don’t miss to watch this one because it is very different. The director sees fashion from another point of view. By watching this movie, you will know how the big clothing brands manufactured. Perhaps, you will be minimalism after seeing the whole story. Some people feel that the fashion industry is not fair through this story. However, this movie is controversial, but open up minds at the same time.

5. Rip Tide

If you seek for the non-serious and non-documentary movie, Rip Tide could be your choice. It is about an Australian teenager who becomes a New York model. During her time, she gets stress with all pressure. One day she escapes her self to her aunt’s house. She finds calm and peace there. The conflict begins when she must decide to come back to her modeling world or staying there.

Netflix is an alternative media where you can find high-quality movies. Actually, there are lots of fashion movie you might want to check. If you have never seen “The Devil Wears Prada” or Confession of Shopaholic”, maybe those two movies can be your starter.


How To Create Business Branding In Simple Steps For Startup

A successful brand building can boost sales. It is because people not only notice the existence of your business but also they are related to the brand. They become a loyal customer who always waits for the update of your business. Moreover, they like to share their personal experience in using your product or service. Thus, you must know how to create business branding when you build a startup.

The brand is not just a name. It is more than something that people can remind. It is a personality. So, when people hear your business, they directly feel “who” your product or service is. Not as “what” the product or service itself. How to create business branding in your startup is about giving a breath. Find out how to do it in simple ways:

1. Be Consistent

Being consistent means you communicate one personality. It also shows how confident you are with that character. Yes, we are talking about identity here. Imagine you see one person with the special haircut, certain fashion style, the way he or she talks, and anything about themselves. A brand is your business does the same. Whenever someone hears your business, they can imagine the look and feel of your product or business.

2. Choose Your Market

Just like choosing friends in real life, you must choose your market too. You cannot please everybody with your product or service. It might not suitable for everyone. Thus, understanding your market is very important. Make it targeted, then you will know your “circle” is. It is okay to start with a small group first. During the time it will be wider as your business gets viral.

3. Use the Right Words

Using the right words don’t mean making ads with formal language. Also, not all slang words are bad too. That is why in the previous number we advise you to understand your market. Because it relates to the way you communicate. It won’t match using formal words when your product or service is dedicated to the kids. Also, it sounds strange when you talk to the moms but using sarcasm jokes.

4. Media is Important

As we mentioned before, how to create business branding is like talking to the public. When you communicate yourself, you must need media. The right media will deliver the same meaning as you wish. It is also another benefit of understanding your market. You will know what media they use and when. Start to exist through the media they use, for example, their social media. Also, don’t forget to shine in their premier time using that media.

5. Relate the Business to Every Aspect

Another way to say “hi, we are here!” is by relating your business to people’s life. Make them need your product or service. Open their eyes that your business existence is so important. For the extreme level, you can make them feel cannot live without you. If you achieve this step, it means you are vital for their life.

It is amazing to touch someone’s life through our business. No matter whatever your product or service is, as long as it gives benefit they will fall in love with you. There still many ways of how to create business branding. But for your first steps, you must do those five things above.


Walking Street In Pattaya, What To Dos And Don’ts

One incredible experience you shouldn’t leave out when in Thailand is strolling at Walking Street in Pattaya. You will find a full-colored neon, performers, a lot of people, noise and music. Everything in this street will make you excited as a result.

If you do not like a crowded situation are not recommended to visit this place. This place describes the real nightlife looks like. We wanted to share with you some facts about this place.

Timings & Getting There

Vehicles are prohibited to enter this street from 07.00 pm to 08.00 am. Many stores are open at 8.00 pm but the peak is from 10.00 pm until the end. Pattaya Walking Street has 1.2 miles away. However, you can enter this street from the beach by walking.

Things You Can Do In Walking Street Pattaya

Walking Street in Pattaya has a lot of things that attract people to come. There will be a lot of things to do there. As a result, we recommend you to do a few things here.

1. Watch a Band Perform

In Walking Street Pattaya, some bands always doing a live performance. When you are lucky enough, there will be five bands playing in different bars. Therefore, you can hear the sounds of the bands playing from the road. Take your beer with 100 baht (3$) only.

2. Enjoy a Delightful Food

Thailand was known as the center of many delicious foods. In the same vein, The Walking Street Pattaya has a lot of its kind. Not only on open-air food stalls, but the street also has a nice restaurant to pick. Some of the restaurants are facing Pattaya Bay, so you can enjoy the food with wonderful view.

3. Trying Pattaya’s Night Life

When the nights come, Pattaya Walking Street is a heaven for people who search for the nightlife. Pattaya Walking Street will full of bars and nightclubs. Most importantly, you should be not much drink, it can be a bad idea.

Things You Shouldn’t Do in Pattaya Walking Street

You have a free soul when you stroll on Walking Street in Pattaya. But this street can be wilder than you can control. Above all, Pattaya Walking Street are also has so many negative things you should avoid.

1. Don’t Go for Sex Shows

Firstly, don’t ever try to go for sex shows. They will treat you with a girl then offer you sex things. They get a chance when you already drunk. The girl who had sex with you is not always clear from disease. You can be infected as a result.

2. Don’t Disrespect Women

Other things you should not do are disrespecting women. A nightlife worker has a hard life and they have no option to do to get the money. They should support their family and make sure they can live one day more.

3. Don’t Do Drugs

Sometimes there were people who offering drugs for you. Buy it will be a bad decision because all the drugs they sell are illegal. Being poisoned by the drugs are scary consequences if you still do it.

In Conclusion, strolling at the Walking Street in Pattaya is still worth to do. You can do a lot of fun things here. But, still remember to keep your positive minds. Don’t let the ambiance hold your soul.