Things To Do When Vacation Key West Florida To Make Awesome Instagram Updates

Vacation Key West Florida
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The holiday will feel amazing if we are in the land of Carribean. It is not just a dream, you can make it comes true by having vacation Key West Florida. Some people come to that island because amazed by its history, art, and culture. You don’t just have an eclectic atmosphere, but also feeling a piece of heaven. Key West is a peaceful place with its unique own pace.

You can choose your vacation Key West Florida style based on your budget. There are various stars of hotels, starts from the low-budget until the five-star service. Also, if you want to feel like local people, just contact the expert. Then, you will get a holiday package as you dream. But, don’t forget to do these things below during your time in Key West Florida:

1. Taste Local Cuisine

Food is a must thing in every traveling. Thus, your holiday would not be perfect without tasting the local cuisine. Key West is a heaven for seafood lovers. Lots of restaurants and cafes focus to serve these dishes. If you walk around in the morning, have breakfast in the Cuban Coffee Queen. They serve the authentic Cuban dishes there. When the sunset comes, have a sit in the El Meson de Peper with its variety of Key West cuisine.

2. Stunning Natural Spot

It is impossible if you don’t take a selfie here. Higgs Beach is where you can take the whole family member there. It is a great place for snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking, until parasailing. Let the kids play in the children’s court or have some fun playing tennis there.

3. United with the Culture

Key West is strongly influenced by Cuban culture. So, it is your opportunity to immerse with the culture. If you have a tour guide, then they will serve you with a quality of rum. Also, the cigar sometimes served too in prohibition year. Try to enjoy the hand-rolled cigar. It is a tradition of Cuban refugees when landed on this island in the mid-19th century.

4. Shop and Visit Historical Sites

As we mentioned above, Key West is a place with a rich story about pirates and shipwrecks, slaves rescue, and many more. You can easily find museums and shops along the road. Don’t miss visiting Ernest Hemingway’s little home. This is a place where he and his wife built a life as the founder of Key West island. Also, there is the Mel Fisher Maritime museum that you must visit too. It is the right place to find research about Key West, archaeology, and fascinating exhibition.

5. Be in Mallory Square Crowd

Mallory Square is the place where tourists and local people are gathered in the same place. You can find many street entertainments, like musicians, artists, and performers. Being in the crowd is the best option to end your day. When the sun comes down, go to street restaurants. Continue the celebration there with some people.

Vacation Key West Florida is always exciting to share in your social media. Moreover, Instagram is able to show your friends how fun the holiday is. Create some exciting experience and inspire your friends to have the same memory as yours.