Walking Street In Pattaya, What To Dos And Don’ts

walking street in pattaya

One incredible experience you shouldn’t leave out when in Thailand is strolling at Walking Street in Pattaya. You will find a full-colored neon, performers, a lot of people, noise and music. Everything in this street will make you excited as a result.

If you do not like a crowded situation are not recommended to visit this place. This place describes the real nightlife looks like. We wanted to share with you some facts about this place.

Timings & Getting There

Vehicles are prohibited to enter this street from 07.00 pm to 08.00 am. Many stores are open at 8.00 pm but the peak is from 10.00 pm until the end. Pattaya Walking Street has 1.2 miles away. However, you can enter this street from the beach by walking.

Things You Can Do In Walking Street Pattaya

Walking Street in Pattaya has a lot of things that attract people to come. There will be a lot of things to do there. As a result, we recommend you to do a few things here.

1. Watch a Band Perform

In Walking Street Pattaya, some bands always doing a live performance. When you are lucky enough, there will be five bands playing in different bars. Therefore, you can hear the sounds of the bands playing from the road. Take your beer with 100 baht (3$) only.

2. Enjoy a Delightful Food

Thailand was known as the center of many delicious foods. In the same vein, The Walking Street Pattaya has a lot of its kind. Not only on open-air food stalls, but the street also has a nice restaurant to pick. Some of the restaurants are facing Pattaya Bay, so you can enjoy the food with wonderful view.

3. Trying Pattaya’s Night Life

When the nights come, Pattaya Walking Street is a heaven for people who search for the nightlife. Pattaya Walking Street will full of bars and nightclubs. Most importantly, you should be not much drink, it can be a bad idea.

Things You Shouldn’t Do in Pattaya Walking Street

You have a free soul when you stroll on Walking Street in Pattaya. But this street can be wilder than you can control. Above all, Pattaya Walking Street are also has so many negative things you should avoid.

1. Don’t Go for Sex Shows

Firstly, don’t ever try to go for sex shows. They will treat you with a girl then offer you sex things. They get a chance when you already drunk. The girl who had sex with you is not always clear from disease. You can be infected as a result.

2. Don’t Disrespect Women

Other things you should not do are disrespecting women. A nightlife worker has a hard life and they have no option to do to get the money. They should support their family and make sure they can live one day more.

3. Don’t Do Drugs

Sometimes there were people who offering drugs for you. Buy it will be a bad decision because all the drugs they sell are illegal. Being poisoned by the drugs are scary consequences if you still do it.

In Conclusion, strolling at the Walking Street in Pattaya is still worth to do. You can do a lot of fun things here. But, still remember to keep your positive minds. Don’t let the ambiance hold your soul.