What to Wear for Your First Interview Ever (From Head to Toe) to Look as Professional

The interview is a matter for everyone who is looking for a job. No matter you are the fresh graduate, en experienced, or whatever. This moment is like a “kick” since the very first step. You are counted when you step into the lobby, meet the receptionist, until sitting face to face with the user. One thing that can be their consideration is your appearance. Here are what to wear for your first interview ever (from head to toe). Don’t wear the wrong outfit, unless you don’t really want the position.

Usually, the company want you to come with business attire. Well, it is already a common requirement in every place. But since today working culture has been changed, some others are okay if you come with the casual chic look. As long as you are able to show your professionality, they have no mind for whatever you wear. See what to wear for your first interview ever (from head to toe) below, hopefully, it inspires you before meeting the HRD soon:

1. Government or Big Company

No need to question anymore because they hope you come with a neat appearance. This is clear that you need a blazer, a blouse, and dress pants or long pants. For the men, wearing a suit jacket and slacks combined with a shirt or tie is the best choice. If you want to look more easy-going, layer with a sweater and button-down. We think that you should already know about the shoe. Yes, choose your best high-heels and any formal thing. Avoid accessories which too bright. It will shine the hiring company until the won’t to see you again.

2. The Startups or Small Company

Wearing casual or simple chic looks doesn’t mean a disrespect attitude. As we mentioned above that today many companies hire people with jeans and a T-shirt. If you get an interview invitation from this company, wear a little more formal but still casual. For example, combine the polo shirt or button-down with your khaki long pants. If you are women, you can adjust your outfit based on mostly the women employees there. Don’t use sandals even though they ask you to come with casual.

3. Internship Interview

You might want to spend your summer holiday with an internship. Well, that is a great idea! If you already find the place and you are invited to the interview, we just want to congratulate! Now it is time for you to prepare like a professional. Even though you won’t be given a huge responsibility, this internship learns you how to be in real work. Then, give an impression of polished and attentive attire. Don’t too formal and too casual. Blouse or shirt with proper layer is enough.

4. College Job

Just like an interview, a college job is usually for a college student, whether the undergraduate or the master. It is still okay to wear less formal attire. Because it is not a big company, on the other hand, you just need to keep neat for the education sector. But, remember, while you are working here is different from the startups. So, don’t wear casual outfits too.

5. Part-Time Job

It is also like an internship or any summer job. When you are working part-time, sometimes the company gives you a uniform. Because most people choose a part-time job in a cafe, book store, supermarket, and many places with a uniform. But, for your interview session, you can use the semi-formal attire. The hiring company still wants to see your seriousness from your professionality.

When you are deciding outfit for an interview, don’t forget to pay attention to the accessories. What to wear for your first interview ever (from head to toe) should reflect your behaviour and brain. Do not cover yourself until you are being fake. Show what you have inside!